Welcome to The Curious Life of Joe

Why “The Curious Life of Joe”? It is because my life is filled with wonder and curious things. You might not see it with your bare eyes, but if you had access to my brain you would understand. My brain is home to a myriad of observations and questions. Always working on and wondering about big and small mysteries.

This blog will let you take a peak in to my mind and see how it works – figuratively and literally.

My main interests revolve around the natural sciences. But I enjoy discovering the human psyche, social workings, and general learning about new cool thing.
This is not your typical one-theme-blog. I will write about anything that catches my eye or mind. My love for writing and discovery combines in to my little space of inspiration.

Oh, and did I mention that I live in a zoo?

Ever seeking, ever inspired, and ever curious.

Welcome to The Curious Life of Joe


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